“An Ad Platform We Rely On To Not Only Attract New Listings & Buyer Leads, But Also To Bring In Top Producers”
Every agent, realtor and broker are after more leads to convert into closings but they’re all skeptical about new ways to drive those leads.
Given that 99% of the industry has invested in trash leads, we faced an uphill battle to convince a small brokerage in Manhattan that our traffic would pull.
In the 12+ months we’ve been working together, not only has our strategy become a vital source of seller/buyer leads for the business, it’s also been key to them expanding from a team of 5 to a team of 11 of which more than half would be considered “top producers”.
In this case study, we’re going to break down why they’ve been able to do that and show you just how much of a competitive advantage this is because virtually nobody in real estate is doing it yet.
When we started with these guys, their online strategy was weaker than most:
  •  Most of their leads came through the senior broker’s network. The team relied almost exclusively on referrals though a couple did have good cold-calling strategies in place.
  •  As a result, their website was really there for the sake of it. Cookie-cutter approach so didn’t drive any business.
  •  The brokerage as a whole was underperforming despite operating in a hot, low inventory, high value area.
And that’s really why they came to us.
Despite the market being great, they could see their business was on the decline and got started with us as it was more likely to produce than any of the other lead-gen offers they’d been bombarded with.
We quickly set up a sales funnel to attract both buyers and sellers with copy we knew converted.
(We looked at several real estate funnels that other brokers were consistently spending thousands on every month so we knew they were getting serious ROI)
And then it was time to build a custom audience that was definitely in the market so we could drive quality traffic to that funnel.
Here’s what we did:
We have the big data which allowed us to track buyers with intent in their geo market including targeting their competitors prospects and bring them over.
  • We started off by geo-fencing 15 farm areas that our broker operated in. We then used the data we had available to build an initial audience of every homeowner in those neighborhoods.
  • Then with browsing habits, we targeted everyone in that audience that Googled a buyer/seller keyword as well as those that were visiting sites like zillow.com, trulia.com and realtor.com so we knew exactly who was in the market.
  • Targeted ads for Manhattan farm areas homeowners were then pushed to all these prospects on multiple platforms. We had great ads running on authority sites, highly relevant articles, real estate apps and Facebook.
  • These ads showed up on every prospects smartphone, tablet, desktop and laptop so we were ALWAYS keeping our broker front of mind with an audience that was ready to buy or sell or both.
  • We added a “poaching campaign”. Our technology allowed us to target additional prospects that were visiting competitors websites, searching the names of other agents and eventually, even getting in front of people who were physically visiting competitors offices with device tagging.
  • And to make sure we had all bases covered, we used big data to push our ads to the spouses of our prospects as they’d obviously have a big say in where the commission went.
They Now Absolutely Dominate Their Region.
This campaign is a competitive edge that runs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
In an industry where it’s notoriously tough to cut through the noise, they’re doing volume and picking up the lions share of the business.
These campaigns pull in multiple buyer and seller leads every day. Without fail.
Their follow up system is great so these leads are easily turned into appointments, contracts and commissions.
As they have exclusivity with us and lead flow that any brokerage in the country would envy, they’ve had 5 top producers join their team in the last 12 months which has further increased revenue.
(And those guys have all moved away from the buyer side of things to focus on being listing agents)
And the best thing about all this…
Their ad spend remains on the smaller side 8 months of the year as they’re only paying for exposure to people who are clearly in the market.
No marketing dollars are wasted.
The ROI from this particular campaign is truly insane.
Knowing they generate multiple transactions directly from this with their $10k/month ad spend and the average commission in their market is $30k+ they’re crushing it and will continue to do so for a long, long time.
 Saint Petersburg, Florida 
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