“How A Business Coach Nets $100k+ Every Month By Generating 25+ Additional Sales Calls In A Super High Ticket Space”
We have a handful of rockstar consultants/coaches as clients and they all follow a very similar system.
  • ​Prospects sign up to watch a webinar that delivers massive value. 
  •  They’re invited to book a sales/discovery/consultation call.
  • ​They close between 1 in 4/5 of those calls into a high-ticket sale.
  • ​Clients are then driven to get results and enroll in a monthly/yearly mastermind.
Tons of coaches/consultants in the space do this successfully but our business consultant client has taken it to a new level.
She’s What You Might Call Super High-Ticket…
She works with business owners and CEO’s who are already doing multiple millions in profit. Her program focuses on getting them to build more successful sales/marketing teams.
Her front end offer is $25k and the lifetime value of a client can easily reach multiple-six figures as they enroll in masterminds and attend events.
She’s been in the business for over 20 years so referral clients do come in but the predictability and consistency of her business growth comes from LinkedIn & FB campaigns.
In her niche, she really faces 3 challenges:
1. There is only a finite supply of her ideal clients on FB. Campaigns are profitable but they’re not really scaleable as in her own words “a lot of the people I need to reach are not on Facebook”
2. LinkedIn, while useful and a fairly good source of leads, is not the goldmine FB is for traffic buyers yet.
3. Getting the attention of these highly successful, very busy people is not easy so she really needed a campaign outside of “closed gardens”. When she came in as a client, she was generating 20 calls in a good month with FB and LinkedIn and typically taking on 4 new clients a month.
With her best campaign a quality booked call cost around $600. A closed client ran $2400. Not bad.
But there were a bunch of unsuccessful campaigns running burning through thousands of dollars every month and not producing so we turned those off and used those marketing dollars to start something fresh.
We took the copy that we knew worked for her and turned that into display ads and 10-15 second videos ads.
We then did 3 things with those ads and her budget:
1. We built a hyper-targeted custom audience. We only wanted the creme da la creme of prospects reaching out so we used big data to dig out the people we really wanted to reach.
2. They then saw her ads on dozens of different authority sites. We’re talking Forbes, BusinessInsider, Entrepreneur etc. Appearing on these highly relevant, well respected sites that we know her ideal clients read brought in a ton of clicks.
3. Retargeting. As mentioned, there’s only a finite amount of great prospects in this space so it’s crucial she stays front of mind. Anyone that landed on her webinar sign-up page from FB & LinkedIn was continually marketed to across all their devices, mostly on authority websites & relevant articles.
The results? Awesome.
Even in her first month where our campaigns are still taking time to optimize, she was booking quality calls for $410 a pop.
Scaling that campaign and putting money into her retargeting campaign got her to the stage where she did over 30 sales calls in a month for the first time ever.
In month two, she did over 40 sales calls for the first time.
(This was big because it now made sense for her to hire a full time sales person)
The traffic cost for these first two months? Just a little more than $10k.
That generated multiple six-figures in front end sales and eyewatering amounts in lifetime value for our client.
Even now, 6 months on, she still only spends $10-$15k a month with us to generate those calls and those sales.
Those same ads we used initially just continue to run to a few different custom audiences and they continue to produce.
Her ROI is insane. 
She now makes multiple millions every year like her clients.
And her success is a fine example of what can be done with a small % of ad spend to a coaching/consultant that’s already converting.
 Saint Petersburg, United States 
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