“The Easiest Way To Connect With Auto Customers That Are Ready To Buy”
If you’re running a new/used auto dealership then you need your advertising dollars to be going to work on reaching buyers with real intent.
When that’s the focus of your campaign, you can get a massive return and stop wasting time and money on prospects who aren’t in the market.
We developed a clever way to do this so now, several dealerships trust us with a good percentage of their annual marketing budget (which typically is somewhere between $75k - $150k a year) and crucially, they sell a lot more cars.
Here’s Why One Dealership Described Our Platform As “The Easiest Way To Connect With Serious Buyers”
When we took this particular dealership on, their marketing was somewhat of a mess.
They were spending money on social media management, Facebook ads, SEO, newspaper spots and all sorts of other stuff.
When we asked them "what’s working for you?” they couldn’t pinpoint a single channel that they knew produced a definite return on their investment.
Their “scattergun” approach was working in the sense that they were making money but it was clear from minute one that if they knew what areas gave them a return, they’d be making a lot for money.
To their credit, their inventory was nicely laid out on their website and Facebook page so it was easy to get traffic going.
They had cars. They had a lot.. They needed serious buyers walking in and buying. Here’s how we achieved that.
We have the big data which allowed us to track buyers with intent in their geo market including targeting their competitors prospects and bring them over.
  • We Tracked Them to Us.
We have a savvy way of ethically taking their competitors best prospects. Every dealership has their entire location mapped. With geo-tagging, we target devices that have been on the competitions premises and push them a compelling offer.
  • The RIGHT Timing.
With a “matching system” (similar to Tinder) we can dig out the buyers with real intent in real-time so instead of pushing ads to an audience that already bought a new car 3 months ago we go straight to the people that are in the market NOW.
  • The Right Traffic At The Right Time Everywhere.
This is done by matching 1st party data (location, income, buying habits etc) with 3rd party data (browsing habits) so for example, when a known buyer of Mercedes Googles “Mercedes for sale in your area” they’re now a “match” and ads are then pushed.
 Ads are then pushed to this perfectly built custom audience on EVERY device across 6 different channels so you always stay front of mind with qualified buyers.
Do This At Scale And Inventory Moves Much Faster
Their ad budget is $7500/month.
A typical month for them looks like this:
  • ​500,000 impressions on their ads
  •  2,500 click through to the website
  • ​300+ end up visiting the showroom
As 50% of buyers get their new car from the first dealership they visit and the vast majority of the rest buy from the second dealership they visit, this campaign generates bucket loads of business.
Because we’re only going after people with real buyer intent, worst case scenario our clients are getting buyers on their second visit.
The dealership went from selling 150 cars in their best month to well over 200 every month (and growing).
 In that time…
  • ​They now turnover close to 100% of their used lot every month substantially increasing the amount they make on that side of their business.
  • New car sales have gone from being a tiny chunk of their business to 50% of it. This will continue to be a huge area of growth for some time as they still haven’t really “touched the sides”.
  • ​More cashflow from an increase in sales and faster moving inventory is going to allow them to expand into other areas of the city.
They understand the value in being in front of real buyers in real-time and see a massive increase in sales month on month as a result.
This is “the easiest way to connect with real buyers” after all.
 Saint Petersburg, Florida 
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