BIG Data + Email + A.I. + Premium Ad Inventory
...Pulls In The New Business You Need To Reach The Next Level.
Imagine being able to put your clients offer in front of other companies 1st party data (that’s their custom audiences of buyers) and lasering in on prospects who are showing real buying intent for your offer in real-time.
Their audiences are leveraged and used for your advantage. We use their data to continue to grow and refine perfect audiences for your business and keep you in the hunt for the sale by pushing you to 95% of the internet on every single device.
Custom audiences is the reason you’re crushing it on Facebook… Now it’s time to ramp that up and unlock the serious revenue that comes with being able to truly identify an endless stream of real buyers.
Facebook Is One Data Provider… Google Is One Data Provider… We Have 90+
And that’s not the only thing that helps us generate scalable ROI.
  • Catch your customers at the right time during the buying process. 
  • Facebook and Google are closed gardens. You can only make the sale on their platforms. With us, you have 95% of the entire internet open to you.
  • Your message on every device. 
  • We tag every device your prospect uses to make buying decisions. You don’t lose them when they switch from smartphone to tablet.
  • Campaigns that really scale.  
  • Your campaigns get stronger as they age and we collect more data points to build stronger custom audiences. No more campaigns that stagnate or plateau as you increase your ad spend.
Reach 95% of The Internet With BIG Data, Email + Premium Ad Spots
Mega Scale With These 6 Channels.

Category Targeting.

Target specific articles related to your message. Standout like the authoritative voice on the subject.

Dynamic Re-Targeting.

Dynamic retargeting allows us to look for an additional audience that closely matches the current customer on the site, expanding the pool of possible new customers.

App Targeting.

Your message has access to every Windows, Apple and Android app that allows ads (more than 80%). Targeting a customer on their smartphone or tablet while they are actively engaged with what you offer.

Integrated Search.

As potential customer searches a relevant keyword that matches your targeted audience. The potential customer clicks on a search result with relevant information. Within 400 milliseconds we Identify the search term and deliver the ad to the page they land on.

Channel Targeting.

Your message is delivered to the top 500 Sites (Based on Traffic and Relevance).

Hyper Local Targeting.

Satellite targeted audience based on a specific location and their location.
Data Matters
How we find real buyer intent.​
Businesses collect 3rd party data on historical buying habits. Big lists of prospects in your space are built and tagged as consumers for certain products/services/offers.
Problem is these lists age, they become inaccurate and names stay on them forever.
To avoid burning advertising dollars on audiences that aren’t a fit for you, we match the 1st party data collected by all businesses with 3rd party data (real-time browsing & buying habits).
In simple terms, for a prospect to see your ad, they need to be a known consumer of your product AND have shown intent to buy online or offline in recent history.
This allows us to quickly identify all the new prospects coming into the market and continuously increase ROI for our clients as your ads are always in front of fresh prospects.
Success In Business Relies A Lot On Knowing Something Your Competition 
Does Not…
And You Can Know A Hell of A Lot More Than Them With 
Us On Your Side.
Your competitors are using a cookie-based model to target consumers across all their devices but it’s a dated approach that wastes valuable advertising dollars.
75% of cookies are deleted every month. Two thirds of IP-connected devices don’t even accept cookies anymore and closed platforms are continually reducing pixel and cookie life span.
With 1st party data from real people, we build the rich profiles of individuals that want what you have and engage them with messages that resonate.

Ready To Offer Something Your Competitors Don't Have?
Experience That Counts!
Campaigns as Unique as Your Consumers
A people-specific advertising approach allows you to understand that each 
individual in your target audience frequents digital platforms differently, has 
unique interests and lives a different life.
5 Case Studies
You’ll Be In Good Company
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"A Dream Way To Connect With The Millionaire Market"
We’re here to help you reach the right person, at the right time, where ever they are, and on any device.
For agencies and brands that simply need truly scalable traffic and more attention from the right people, there is no better platform around right now.
People-Specific Targeting to engage high-value audiences at top, middle and bottom of the funnel including building loyalty with existing customers for greater lifetime value.
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