“Finally We Have A Great Way To Put Our Jewelry In Front of Every Multi-Millionaire”
When an “appointment only” jeweler reached out to us needing to reach every multi-millionaire in LA we entered the luxury goods space for the first time.
This was the first time we ran our ads to only the wealthiest individuals in a certain area so we had to be very creative with this campaign.
How we found luxury watch/jewelery buyers and how we presented our clients offer to them was quite a bit different to the bigger campaigns we run where generally speaking, tens of thousands of people can be a good customer.
Here, we needed to find diamonds in the rough.
Our first port of call was to decide on a single offer so we could go after a custom audience and be confident of producing a great ROI.
We decided the easiest (and one of the most lucrative) areas to start was to target buyers of engagement rings/wedding rings.
As we have 70+ data partners available to us, building an initial audience of the wealthiest people in LA is straight forward.
From there, we obviously want to reach people that are engaged so we match the income data with marital status data.
This in itself is powerful but ideally we wanted those people to qualify themselves as being in the market with their browsing habits so here’s what we did…
  • Anyone in the broad audience (wealthy, engaged) that Googled for a relevant keyword like a luxury brand, a particular piece, a competitor — we marketed to them.
  • Anyone in the broad audience that visited a lot of bridal/wedding sites was clearly still in the planning stage so we marketed to them too.
  • We then marketed on every device to the spouses of everyone in this custom audience as they’d be hugely involved in the buying process.
And this was the foundation for getting a constant stream of high value clients in the door.
The ultimate goal of this campaign was to get appointments so we took advantage of the premium ad inventory available to us and ran very simple, clear, classy ads on websites in both the luxury space and the wedding space.
We looked at the most-read and most relevant articles on around 500 sites in this space and prioritized getting our ads on those pages.
We stayed front of mind with every single person in this custom audience by constantly showing the clients brand and their message on every device.
When our prospects were researching from their smartphone they saw our client… When they switched to their tablet, they saw our client… When they browsed from their desktop, yup, they saw our client.
Suddenly they were everywhere and in front of all their dream clients.
To do this, they invest in 400,000 impressions a month at a total cost of $6,000.
  •  It is the only paid marketing they do.
  • ​They receive on average between 1,000 - 1,500 clicks to their landing/schedule an appointment page.
  • Running 3 different campaigns (engagement/wedding rings, watches, jewelery) they generate 60-80 appointments a month, many of whom buy on the spot.
  • ​Because of how we’ve built their custom audiences, they capture everyone new coming into the market so their campaign never stagnates and always produces.
They have become THE go to jeweler for the rich and famous.
Their success with BIG data and premium ad inventory showed us that this was the way to go in the luxury space and we’ve since got similarly successful campaigns going for supercar dealerships and luxury travel agents.
We can reach multi-millionaires and their spouses with 97% accuracy.
We’ve looked at other ways to reach the super wealthy but nothing else comes close.
This is the only way to reach these people at scale, in real-time, when they’re ready to buy and that’s a helluva competitive advantage.
 Saint Petersburg, Florida
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